Friday, February 7, 2014

Bean Dip

Why the title for this blog??  Because 'passing the bean dip' is a phrase used when nothing else will work.    It is reserved for those times when persistent detractors pummel and criticize you for information on your life choices--- especially as they relate to parenting.

  • Breast or bottle feeding
  • Staying at home.. or working
  • homeschool.. public school
  • attachement parenting.. co sleeping.. etc.

If you add on special needs which we happen to have in this house, you have a whole new variety of criticism come your way.

  • Sign language.. yes or no?
  • autism therapy?
  • Do you make the child sit and work at the age of one year or do they get to do play therapy? Or perhaps there is yet another remediation.  (Yes.. why yes there is..  )

When someone comes at you with their opinion on what you are doing (with the assumption you are wrong), you can tell them you have made your choice.. and to pass the bean dip. Because these sorts of conversations could take place over a party table.  (That is if you could find a babysitter to attend the party.)  But they happen at the park, in the carpool, over the phone.. and if you say "pass the bean dip" in those situations they might just think you are crazy and shut up.

Still don't get what I am talking about?  Here is an example applicable to homeschooling

Why duct tape?  Well because duct tape fixes everything.  More on our versions of duct tape in later posts.

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