Monday, December 29, 2014


That is the sound of the ripping of duct tape.  I know I just started this blog with a whole 4 or so posts.  Each piece of duct tape has been essential to Chuck's growth.  Well- at least we thought it was helpful.  But recently, we have ripped off two pieces of duct tape.  The first is RDI.  (The second will be in another post.) I started this blog with 101+ things we have seen with RDI and each one is still valid and true.  I do highly recommend RDI for those with autism.  It is the BEST thing out there.  Better than Floortime.  Certainly better than ABA.  There may be a place or two for those but RDI deserves a look-see if you happen to be here because of RDI.

So why did we rip off that piece of tape.  Simple.. it was time.  Our decision happened so quickly.  It seemed like we quit within the span of a week but looking back I guess it wasn't THAT quick.  I started getting anxious when I'd talk to our RDI consultant.  I'd have to put on my diffuser with essential oils and pray just to calm down before an appointment.  Why? I don't know.  I think part of the reason, and also part of the reason we paused RDI was because we could not do this 100%.  And ideally that is what you should do,  but life is not ideal.  I began to feel that if I couldn't do this 100% we would see no growth.  That is probably not the case but it is my perspective and I was able to do less and less of what was asked of me.  So while we made the decision in the span of about a week, it had been growing internally for me for awhile.

Second... Chuck is now 14.  A 14 year old boy..and autism... and kaboom.  Our consultant has always said that Chuck is unique.  No autism kid is in a box but Chuck ventures even outside of that.   I think what we were doing with RDI just wasn't working with the present circumstances.  I would love to talk to other parents with hormonal teen boys who do RDI to see how it works out for them and how their consultants handle things.  Because what worked well at 10 years old was not working at 14 years old.  He is becoming an individual and needs to express that.  What we were doing.. just wasn't working.  

Third... Husband and I came to the same conclusion prayerfully at the same time.  It was the same feeling we had when we decided to start RDI, strangely enough.  We were in agreement.

So what are we doing now?  I'll save that for another post but a whole lotta nothing...  Especially since November.  (Well there was a big additional piece of duct tape but that is another post.)

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  1. Okay, I am going to be bluntly honest here! I am saddened that you quit with RDI, although I do understand where you are coming from. My son is 15, severely challenged and non verbal. We have been an RDI family for a few years. My husband is not proactive and I am the chick making all the effort. I DO NOT put 100% into RDI, because I feel that life is all about balance (I admit, it took me an age to reach this!). What I do with Nick is *good enough*. Perhaps he may progress faster if I gave it 100%.....but I am over that. :)